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depth soundings, geoelectric analysis and comparison

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drilling profile in comparision with depth sounding and ERT

1-d Sondierungsprofil

ERT: The result of the Analysis and subsequent interpretation can be adjusted by an additional well log on subtleties.

Without further knowledge it can be interpreted by means of high-quality-analysis clearly thicknesses and depths of clay/silt, sand (with aquifers), topsoil and galleries:

Auswertungsergebnis ohne Vorkenntnisse










With subsequent drilling (drilling profile) resistors of aquifers and other objects can be verified:

Interpretationsergebnis nach Bohrungsprofil



PROSPEKT zum Downloaden Kopie von Pfeil web 2099.JPG - 24.87 Kb


Kopie von Pfeil web 2099.JPG - 24.87 Kb

info & contact

further informations & contact

we offer

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multi geoelectric resistivity tomography (ERT)

very fine geoelectric measurement & analysis

depth soundings


self potential measurements

several electromagnetic measurements

an_torben.gif - 7.37 Kb

resistivity depth models on desire based on the high-quality-geoelectrical-analysis-method or standard-geoelectrical-analysis

specialist for geoelectric

specialist for geoelectrical & electromagnetical measurements

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