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geoelectric prospection - home

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Geophysics supports with a palette of geophysical measuring methods: 
geoelectric, electromagnetics, depth soundings & IP measurements 
subsurface geological investigation. 

  Application examples:
  • You own a quarry and want to know whether an extension of the mine is worthwhile (e.g. information on the thickness of certain subsurface rock layers).
  • Also for a mining company knowledge of the resistivities in the nearby zone of a gallery is useful (e.g. low resistivities can indicate possible water saturation, high resistivities can calm down)
  • In groundwater exploration the delineation of the aquifer is possible.
  • On building sites one can get informations about mightiness and depth of groundwater, clay formation etc.
  • On waste deposits it is for example possible to locate sewage or sludge entries, and/or to prove for heavy metal withdrawals by resistivity degradation indirectly; also control of the tightness of the cover is possible.
  • You assume below the surface various foundations (within the archaeological range or on factory sites), here also geoelectrical measurements can provide important insights.
  • You do want information on slope stability and slip hazard.

Our team guarantees you from the measurement to the report highest possible care by using state of the art technology.

Our team offers you also outside of Austria fast and competent geophysical underground explorations.

Don't hesitate to ask what's possible!!


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info & contact

further informations & contact

we offer

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multi geoelectric resistivity tomography (ERT)

very fine geoelectric measurement & analysis

depth soundings


self potential measurements

several electromagnetic measurements

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resistivity depth models on desire based on the high-quality-geoelectrical-analysis-method or standard-geoelectrical-analysis

specialist for geoelectric

specialist for geoelectrical & electromagnetical measurements

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